China ASEAN Youth Innovation Camp

China-ASEAN dialogue relations have gone through an extraordinary journey over the past three decades. The year 2021 saw the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and ASEAN.

China and ASEAN have a solid foundation for the cooperation in science and technology innovation. The parties scale science and technology exchange, intensify cooperative network extension, and work together to facilitate innovation-driven development for a closer partnership in science and technology innovation.

“China-ASEAN Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp and Innovation Tour in China for ASEAN Youth” is a project supported by Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and co-organized by Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center and Yunnan Academy of Scientific and Technical Information.

Under the framework of China-ASEAN Science and Technology Partnership Program, young scientists and entrepreneurs from ASEAN countries are invited to participate in the project, with the intent of providing international and professional hands-on training and practice through the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp and the Innovation Tour in China, to give the participants deep insights into the Chinese mechanisms, cases and patterns for innovation policies, platform construction, talent cultivation, technical cooperation projects, coordinated development, etc., and build an international cooperation platform to explore competitive innovation projects, so as to empower the development of the young from China and the ASEAN in all dimensions, and enable closer and more effective science and technology cooperation.

“China-ASEAN Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp and Innovation Tour in China for Young ASEAN Scientists” takes a combination of offline and online approaches.

On the one hand, an online sharing platform is to construct international learning scenarios, offer systematic innovation courses, share the innovation resources and sci-tech information from all sides, and showcase the results of cooperative projects.

On the other hand, the project will provide the young from ASEAN countries with some opportunities to attend hands-on training in Shanghai, China as well as relevant provinces and cities, including:

  1. Having face-to-face communication with hotshot Chinese project mentors for targeted, highly-viable, and highly-professional suggestions on development and cooperation.
  2.  Visiting university-based scientific research institutions as well as science and technology enterprises, parks, and incubators for research and seminars.
  3. Having hands-on training on and a taste of road shows, business planning, investment and financing, technology transfer, etc.
  4. Reaching out to project technologies and talent programs in priority areas, and exploring the channels and modes of international talent cultivation and joint R&D.

With this project as an opportunity, we hope to attract young scientists, tech entrepreneurs, and innovative teams from more countries to stay tuned to us. Let’s work together to promote the high-quality and high-level development of international cooperation!